LAST UPDATED ON 10/25/2019

Collection Product Color STOCK
Almira Sofa Bed Vintage Chocolate available
Almira Loveseat Vintage Chocolate available
Almira Chair Vintage Chocolate available
Almira Sofa Bed Marissa Brown discontinued
Almira Loveseat Marissa Brown discontinued
Almira Chair Marissa Brown discontinued
Anita Sofa Bed Classic Bordeaux available
Anita Loveseat Classic Bordeaux available
Anita Chair Classic Bordeaux available
Astor Sofa Bed Midnight Blue available
Astor Loveseat Midnight Blue available
Astor Chair Midnight Blue available
Barato Sofa Bed Tan available
Barato Loveseat Tan available
Bravo Sofa Bed Sierra Brown discontinued
Bravo Loveseat Sierra Brown discontinued
Bravo Chair Sierra Brown discontinued
Bravo Sofa Bed Stone Black eta end of nov
Bravo Loveseat Stone Black available
Bravo Chair Stone Black available
Bravo Sectional Sierra Brown discontinued
Bravo Sectional Stone Black eta end of nov
Capella Sofa Bed Dark Denim Blue eta nov8
Capella Sectional Dark Denim Blue discontinued
Capetown Sofa Bed Coffee Brown available
Capetown Loveseat Coffee Brown eta nov 15
Capetown Chair Coffee Brown eta nov 15
Capetown Sofa Bed Rock Grey eta nov 15
Capetown Loveseat Rock Grey eta nov 15
Capetown Chair Rock Grey eta nov 15
Conrad Sofa Bed Brown available
Conrad Loveseat Brown available
Conrad Chair Brown available
Conrad Sofa Bed Gray available
Conrad Loveseat Gray available
Conrad Chair Gray end of dec
Dogal Sofa Bed Nordby Gray discontinued
Dogal Loveseat Nordby Gray discontinued
Dogal Chair Nordby Gray discontinued
Dogal Ottoman w/Storage Nordby Gray discontinued
Dogal Sectional Nordby Gray discontinued
Dogal Sofa Bed Royal Brown available
Dogal Loveseat Royal Brown available
Dogal Chair Royal Brown available
Dogal Ottoman w/Storage Royal Brown eta end of dec
Dogal Sectional Royal Brown available
Dogal Sofa Bed Marisa Taupe available
Dogal Loveseat Marisa Taupe available
Dogal Chair Marisa Taupe available
Dogal Ottoman w/Storage Marisa Taupe end of dec
Dogal Sectional Marisa Taupe available
Dogal Sectional Stone Black discontinued
Domino Sofa Bed Marissa Brown available
Domino Loveseat Marissa Brown available
Domino Chair Marissa Brown available
Espina Sofa Bed Gina Light Brown discontinued
Espina Loveseat Gina Light Brown discontinued
Espina Chair Gina Light Brown discontinued
Evita Sofa Bed Beige available
Evita Loveseat Beige available
Evita Chair Beige available
Fit Loveseat Brown discontinued
Fit Chair Brown available
Fit Loveseat Gray eta nov 28
Fit Chair Gray eta end of dec
Fontana Sofa Bed Royal Brown  discontinued
Fontana Sofa Bed Khaki Brown available
Fontana Sofa Bed Stone Black discontinued
Havana Sofa Bed Floket Fume available
Havana Sofa Bed Orange available
Havana Sofa Bed Red discontinued
Havana Sofa Bed Brown discontinued
Ibiza Sofa Bed Sierra Gray available
Ibiza Loveseat Sierra Gray available
Ibiza Chair Sierra Gray available
Ibiza Sofa Bed Khaki Brown discontinued
Ibiza Loveseat Khaki Brown discontinued
Ibiza Chair Khaki Brown discontinued
Impulse Sofa Bed Brown discontinued
Impulse Sofa Bed Floket Fume available
Lovella Sofa Bed Marissa Taupe discontinued
Lovella Loveseat Marissa Taupe discontinued
Lovella Chair Marissa Taupe discontinued
Metropol Sofa Bed Brown available
Metropol Loveseat Brown available
Metropol Chair Brown available
Metropol Sofa Bed Gray available
Metropol Loveseat Gray available
Metropol Chair Gray available
Metropol Sofa Bed Valor Chocolate available
Metropol Loveseat Valor Chocolate discontinued
Metropol Chair Valor Chocolate discontinued
Monroe Sofa Bed Midnight Blue discontinued
Monroe Loveseat Midnight Blue discontinued
Monroe Chair Midnight Blue discontinued
Oslo Loveseat Bed Gray available
Oslo Chair Bed Gray available
Oslo Loveseat Bed Brown available
Oslo Chair Bed Brown available
Pegasus Sofa Bed Gray available
Pegasus Loveseat Gray available
Pegasus Chair Gray available
Pegasus Sofa Bed Brown available
Pegasus Loveseat Brown available
Pegasus Chair Brown available
Polaris Sofa Bed Cotton Chocolate available
Sevilla Loveseat Bed Vintage Chocolate eta mid jan
Soho Sofa Bed Gray available
Soho Loveseat Gray available
Soho Sofa Bed Brown available
Soho Loveseat Brown available
Step Sofa Bed Green available
Step Sofa Bed Gray available
Step Sofa Bed Terracotta available
Viana Sofa Bed Brown available
Viana Loveseat Brown discontinued
Viana Chair Brown discontinued
Viana Sofa Bed Gray discontinued
Viana Loveseat Gray discontinued
Viana Chair Gray discontinued